Yes, there’s loads of knots out there and everyone believes in their knots religiously. That’s ok, if you are starting out this is intended for you as a guideline to get you started on your knot journey.

The 3 Main Knots I use. I’ve tested them all over and over and found the 3x below the best for my requirements. (The old fishing knot my grandpa leant me, not so good) (The figure of 8 used to be my favourite, it’s a great knot but I’d say test it in a loop against a Uni, you will see where it breaks every time)

Lets start at the leaders, it’s quite simple.

– Mono line to Mono leader I use the Albright.
– Braid to Braid leader I use the Albright

FG knot
– Braid to Mono leader I use the FG knot

Just an added note on the FG … I’ve found that if you burn the tip of the mono into a small mushroom the FG just has that little bit more bite… be extra careful not to burn the braid. I pinch it with my nails and just give it a quick burn. Really helps secure it.

Uni Knot

– To tie your swivels, hooks etc – Uni Knot.

Snell Knot

When I add some teasers to my line with in-line hooks, I used to use the snell knot to lock down these hooks. Be aware… the hook itself will be secure, but if you look closely you will notice a the line going to the next hook and ultimately your rapala/halco will pinch and create a weak spot. I’ve fished like this for a long time very successfully until I lost my dream fish. I now use 3way swivels with uni knots to attach my teasers.

The Snell knot is still a great knot and the best knot to tie circle hooks, refer to the pic: