Reels are like car’s… everyone has an opinion. We’ll try our best to give you some guidance here:

In the perfect world… get yourself 3x 5000/6000 size coffee grinders (Shimano/Penn/Daiwa) and put them on 3 Spinning 6/7ft rods 2 x medium heavy and 1 x medium light fast action tip .

If you have reels already, use them. Until such time you want to upgrade if you feel it necessary.

Multipliers also work great as trolling, drifting reels if thats what you have already. They are robust and can fight monster fish extremely well. They however do not work as we’ll as a good coffee grinder for casting.

For spinning get yourself a proper grinder. Big clunky grinders are not practical as you have space limitations if you need to hatch your gear. Don’t go too small either, YT’s will destroy a 2000 a 3000 reel quickly. size 5000 grinders also are a bit easier to handle during continuous casts. Perfect is a BG4500 or even a Rovex Bib Boss 3 4000/6000. if you want to splash out for the ultimate look at the Shimano Saragossa 6000 and Sustain’s.

If you are starting from scratch then go grinders all over. The newer generation grinders are exceptional. Spend at least R1000 on a proper grinder, plastics won’t handle the abuse that well.

Line is another very difficult one to cover. Everyone has their own opinion but we use these.

If using Multipliers for trolling only use use mono line (Double X Hi-Abrasion 30lbs15kg is a good choice).

On coffee grinder spinning rig, use braid pref (for more distance when casting). 15-20kg is fine.The thinner the diameter the better.

For leaders use 20-30KG mono or flurocarbon.

Knots: Refer to our knot page to see how tie all of these together.