Catching chokka is surprisingly satisfying. Not just to use as bait but for dinner its definitely worth it.

Side tip… always freeze your Chokka overnight before cooking. It softens it up nicely, takes away the chewiness.

Right, catching chokka is an art on its own. You would use your lightest rod. When you are in a chokka zone you drop your jig setup down the the bottom and give it a wind to just lift it from the bottom. You then patiently wait and occasionally lift your rod to feel for additional weight. Chokka won’t always hit the jig hard, majority of the time it will just feel like some weight was added. You then just slowly retrieve, keep the line tentioned as you retrieve. Once the chokka reaches the surface he will squirt you with some ink if not careful (so give it a second to spin the ink away from you). Then lift out the water into your container.

The jig you use is a prawn. You get loads of options and colors. We have good success with pink. Have a look at how i rigged in picture.

We use a 3way swivel with a prawn 20cm down and a sinker jig 30cm down. (There are other ways of rigging but see what u find works for you)