Winter is coming

Heloo Kayakfishers, it’s been a quiet couple of month’s with the Cape Town weather and wind keeping most of us “the weekend warriors” at bay. But, this too shall pass and the fishing will explode once more. We’ve already had some exciting reports from Dassen where the smaller shoals have started moving in, good signs for our Seapoint and Robben Island fishing adventures.

Danelle Vivier with a quick visit to Arniston getting some well deserved reward!

The Arniston and Struisbaai waters continue to produce some quality fish for those that venture the distance. Well done to Danelle who took the chance and got the reward on this monster tail!

Weather Forecast

The weekend forecast again doesn’t look great with some gap Seapoint side and possibly still some time left to get some Elf in Gordons Bay and Strand. I cannot help to think there must be some other pelagics deeper in Strand side but we don’t seem to scout there currently. As mentioned above there looks to be a gap on Sunday

Winter Preparations

We’re getting our gear prepped and serviced ready for this exciting winter season. Check your line and leaders make sure you’re ready for some rolling excitement. You need to start blocking out weekends early to make sure you won’t miss out!. If you haven’t fisher the winter in Cape Town yet then you’re in for a surprise. Yes, we fsh and yes we fish a lot!. And yes, it’s damn cold but we’re well prepared and if you need any gear or advise on what is required reach out to us ay kayakfish. Some lekker booties, a 2mm Farmer John and a chill cheater is magical during this time. We’ll happily hook you up on what you need.

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