Sunday is fun day

Looks like this coming Sunday is going to give us a break and get us back on the water. Last weekend the fish were around but made us work hard. Mostly on the outside of point we found birds diving all over. Loads of baitfish so these buggers were dik and not feeding. The guys who put in the miles mostly got rewarded but if you didn’t don’t feel left out it wasn’t easy at all. The biggest concentration of fish were between Bellows and SW reefs with more luck closer to SW. We also got some action behind Anvil.

But, new week and new opportunities and new challenge to figure out where the fish will be. The fact is we know they are there and now just need to get them in the hatch.

Where’s your kayak?

Well, yup I haven’t been out on a kayak in a long time and do get this question a lot. Fear not I’m still an avid kayak fisherman and will be back on the water very soon. Over the last couple of month’s I’ve been balancing a couple of minor health challenges and most recently a torn ligament in my left elbow. But, I’m itching to get that adrenaline rush of being closer to the elements and you’ll see me on the water VERY soon. Luckily I’m fortunate to have a plan B.

Some KayakFish news

Stealth Kayaks – If you didn’t know we are the local Stealth Agents in Cape Town. What does that mean? Well we offer the kayaks to you at the same price as Stealth. The difference is we coordinate the manufacturing the delivery to CT and make sure the kayak is in perfect health prior to handover. Any defects, issues or mod’s we then sort out locally. When buying the kayak via KayakFish we facilitate all warranty claims or issues in the future should there be such a requirement. Please do note our special on the Stealth range will be coming to an end at the end of the month. Last couple of days if you wanted to get your name on that list.

Website – We continue to work hard and improving the categories and classifications of products to make it easier to browse our site and find what you need. We’re very close to have all ready. Keep an eye on the new products page, we do load new items almost daily. Also some great news, we’ve been able to secure stainless bits and anchors at a significantly lower cost and have been able to reduce our anchor rigs pricing significantly.

Other Products – Remember we can get our hands on loads of brands and products, if it’s not listed online but we’ve got the brand on the site reach out we’ll happily hook you up on what you need at some great prices.

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